When I am asked about my paintings and their development I get a lump in my throat as it is a very emotional topic for me. Whilst I have been painting for twenty years it was not really the painter I wanted to be. My true artistic concepts developed through the death of my Mother 4 years ago. On her death bed in her last few weeks we would look out the window together at around 7am every morning and she would brighten up to the sun shining in the trees, seeing the red gum leaves dance in the sun as she would describe them. This really happened and I truly am amazed that it did.

This experience became the pivotal turn in my art practice as my emotional connection and pure observation of leaves and the landscape has taken a front row seat. I finally feel like I can emerge as an Artist. I delve into emotional concepts from my experience and feel a strong connection to the land. From this I developed landscape centred paintings connected to emotions, through layer, colour, texture and tones. Each of these 5 paintings has approximately 20 layers of paint, wiped, dripped, dropped and splattered in different ways reflecting an emotional path – personifying the struggles and richness of the landscape. They reflect the colours and shapes you find in the Australian landscape in different lights.

I work in acrylic on board mostly although I am looking for a more sustainable way of painting and am experimenting to find a way I can still keep the layers and richness in colour.

I have a BAVA and a Dip Ed in Visual Arts and currently live on the Mid North Coast of NSW on the Kalang River in Urunga, although I have lived in Sydney, Wollongong and Melbourne. I work permanently at the Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery as Programs Facilitator whilst developing my own creative practice.