Life got very serious for me so I decided to counteract it by adding humour to my drawings and paintings. It might be short lived but let’s see how it goes. I also made these paintings come to life through little animations.


These women aren’t offended by their deficiencies or physical appearance they wear it with vibrancy – like Water off a ducks back.

1. Her Eye Shadow Gave all the Expression she Needed, acrylic on board, 41cm x 41cm

2. Her Bad Hair Day Set the Tone for the Meeting, acrylic on board, 40cm x 40cm

3. Her Eyebrows had a Life of Their Own, acrylic on board, 41cm x 41cm


Currently focusing on landscapes personified as a human’s life with all its scrapes, bumps and bruises. Toni questions ‘somehow we manage to navigate it?’ Thanking the universe for the uplifting patches of blue she says the horizon isn’t straight because life is kind of like that. Experimental layers are her fascination in this work. Acrylic on board ‘Beauty in its markings’ Unframed $500. w 90 cm x h 60cm Plus postage. Email for sale enquires. Abstract Contemporary Landscape. Currently on Exhibition at Dorrigo Rainforest Centre.

Toni is exploring the clay medium and enjoying the process. Hey leaves were developed through a grief period of losing people near and dear. They are beautiful gifts that can be given to someone that is grieving or are stunning as just leaves hanging in your home or office. My leaves are available at various local outlets including:

Art Space Urunga

Dorrigo National Park Rainforest Centre


Body of work from 2021 involving abstract leaves morphing into landscapes. Each leaf is made of layers of colour – just like life, building layers of good and bad to create a whole.

Warm changes (maroon), Cool changes (blue/green) both framed in oak. Rustic changes I and II (orange).

Grief Series: Falling

This series of work is based on Grief. Toni has personified leaves in their different stages of decomposing and related this to a grieving person, something she is familiar with. The leaves are individualised, similar to a persons grief. The stages change like the leaf’s colours and whilst you can never return to be the exact healthy happy leaf you once were, there is beauty in some of the colours, textures and patterns that you experience.