I am exploring the clay medium at the moment and enjoying the process. My leaves are available at various local outlets including:

Art Space Urunga

Dorrigo National Park Rainforest Centre

My current body of work involving abstract leaves. Each leaf is made of layers of colour – just like life, building layers good and bad to create a whole. They are on exhibition at the Federal Hotel in Bellingen for the month of May 2021.

To purchase any of my work please contact me via phone or email.

Beauty in the Everyday

This body of work is based on the busyness of the everyday (represented by the textured backgrounds) in contrast to the beautiful native plants that surround us. These plants in their un-nurtured and often wild looking forms take us to a mentally calm and natural place where we’re free to be our accepted, non-hectic selves. Breathe in the calm – they literally keep us alive.

Grief Series: Falling

This series of work is based on Grief. I have personified leaves in their different stages of decomposing and related this to a grieving person, something I am familiar with. The leaves are individualised, similar to a persons grief. The stages change like the leaf’s colours and whilst you can never return to be the exact healthy happy leaf you once were, there is beauty in some of the colours, textures and patterns that you experience.


Long after detachment Acrylic on board $400


A life well lived Acrylic on board $400


Early days Acrylic on board $400


Similarities and differences Acrylic on board $400

The fallen I Acrylic on board $200
The fallen II Acrylic on board $200